We Repair all Causes of Collision Damage.


Environmental Related

From bad weather beating up your car, to colliding with animals coming onto the road, your car is subject to damage outside of your control.


Distracted Driving

From texting, driving under the influence of drugs or exhaustion, or from simply daydreaming, your car can endure any range of damages.


Low-Speed Impacts

Non-severe collisions like fender benders result in dings and scratches, and occasionally cause some damage to the frame.


High-Speed Collisions

A severe accident can cause massive damage to your car’s exterior and interior structure, taking your car out of alignment. It often results in broken parts, massive dents, and stripped paint.

Types of Collision Repair we offer...

Frame and Unibody Straightening

When you get into an accident, the frame of your vehicle often sustains damage, whether it gets bent slightly out of shape, or so bent that it looks like an art project. We’ll use our metal frame and unibody straightening process to realign your vehicle and get it back to its original state. 

Glass Repair

Glass breaks. In a car accident, you can experience anything from cracks in your windshield to a full-on shatter. Our auto glass repair and replacement services will ensure that your windows and windshields are safe, strong, and in perfect condition. 

OEM Approved Procedures

Need a part replaced? Vehicle manufacturers create parts made to fit the specifications of a certain make and model, so they fit perfectly and operate smoothly. We go directly to the manufacturer of your vehicle to source the original equipment parts (OEM) so that your car is in the best condition possible when we return it to you. 

Paint Color Match

Has your car experienced paint scratches and chips from a collision? Our color match painting technology means we can reapply paint to only the damaged areas without leaving any “patches” or signs of new paint. So your car will be returned to you looking like nothing ever happened. 

Paintless Dent Repair

If your vehicle suffered a dent that did not hinder the paint it is likely that paintless dent repair can be conducted. This is a money-saving repair method as it prevents the need to repaint the car. It is performed by a skilled technician who has trained in this practice.

Panel Replacement

If your vehicle has sustained an uber amount of scratches and dents, sometimes, the best and most cost-effective thing you can do is simply replace a panel. Our expertise means we recognize when this is the best option, and we can save you time and money. 

Refinishing and Baking

We offer refinishing and baking services that cure your paint job quickly, evenly, and with incredibly durable results. Not only is this a better option for the environment, but it also leaves less chance of lint and junk settling on your wet paint and will cure it to a harder finish.

Scratch Removal, Nettle Repair, and Finishing

Just like many viruses have overlapping symptoms but require different treatments, vehicles that have scratches and cracked parts should be handled differently depending on the type of scratches, etc. From surface scratches to broken nettle props, our services will heal your car and return it to you looking like new.

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Certified & Approved

Looking for an approved auto body shop to get an estimate for your insurance claim?  We are a certified and approved collision repair center for nearly every major insurance carrier in the Grand Rapids area.

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“Best body shop around! They always go above and beyond. Josh is amazing and so easy to work with. Thanks for doing a great job installing my new steel bumper and repairing my rear quarter panel. Awesome job!! Very reasonable. Can’t forgot Janine, who works front desk, she is such a nice lady and on top of her job. Communication is wonderful. I will be back.” - Doug Fasburg

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